Your OMVIC registration is about to expire

Published On
April 3, 2023

Please note your OMVIC registration has a renewal date between March 28 to April 30, 2023, and OMVIC’s online services portal will be unavailable or may be subject to delays and disruptions during this time. Please renew your registration before it expires.

If you do not renew your registration before your expiry date, it will lapse, and you cannot be involved in any motor vehicle trade until you reapply and complete your registration process. We strongly urge you to renew your registration as soon as possible.

Trade includes buying, selling, leasing, advertising, or exchanging an interest in a motor vehicle or negotiating or inducing or attempting to induce the buying, selling, leasing or exchanging of an interest in a motor vehicle. This is not limited to the signing of contracts. This also applies regardless of whether the potential customer is an OMVIC registrant.

How to renew your OMVIC registration

From March 28 until April 30, please contact OMVIC’s registration department at 1-800-943-6002 or [email protected] to change, add or renew a registration.

Because of the increased call volume and system upgrades, please be advised that we are currently experiencing application processing delays in the registration department. We are taking measures to address the backlog and are diligently working to reduce these delays. Our department is responding to all enquiries and applications in the order received.

Thank you for your cooperation!