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OMVIC has been delegated responsibility for administering and enforcing the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA), a public protection statute delegated by the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery.

As a regulator, we exist to protect car buyers and enhance registrant professionalism. Car buyers should know they are protected and that dealers and salespersons will operate with honesty, integrity and fairness. We are dedicated to ensuring a fair and well-informed vehicle sales marketplace by effectively overseeing dealers and salespersons. This involves routine inspections of Ontario’s 8,000 dealerships and 30,000 salespeople, maintaining a consumer complaint hotline, and diligently pursuing investigations and legal actions when instances of industry misconduct or illegal sales (such as curbsiding) arise.

To accomplish this, we set out four strategic objectives that guide organizational priority setting, resource allocation, capabilities, and budgeting requirements:

  1. Increase consumer protection and awareness.
  2. Increase registrant professionalism and accountability.
  3. Be a trusted and respected partner by engaging stakeholders.
  4. Increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness.


We have four key areas of service to support our consumer protection mandate.


Our registration process includes careful screening of all applicants. To be registered, all applicants must meet the requirements outlined in the MVDA. Registrations are valid for a limited time, and renewals are conditional on registrants operating with honesty, integrity, financial responsibility and in accordance with the law.

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Inspections are conducted regularly to examine business locations, operations and to verify that books and records are properly maintained. Investigations are launched in situations where non-compliance is suspected, and prosecutions may occur as a result.

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Car buyer complaints

When appropriate, we handle disputes between car buyers and dealers. The goal is to assist the parties involved in achieving a negotiated solution to avoid having to go to court.

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Car buyer awareness and education

We foster public awareness and understanding of car buyers’ rights through media and education. We also promote dealer education to enhance professionalism in the motor vehicle industry.

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