Most vehicle sales go well; however, when they don’t, we’re here to help. We offer car buyers a free complaint handling process where the need arises. Car buyers are urged to first try to resolve the issue directly with the dealer or salesperson before filing a complaint with us. If you still have concerns, we will try to facilitate a resolution whenever possible and appropriate.

It’s important to remind you that OMVIC has no authority over private sales, vehicle manufacturers, repair facilities.

Questions and advice

Contact our consumer support team or call us toll free at 1-800-943-6002 ext. 1. Our inquiry representatives are available to answer your questions and offer free advice to car buyers before, during or after a vehicle purchase or lease.

Outcome of complaints

In some cases a complaint or dispute may lead to an OMVIC investigation, charges being laid or administrative action (for example, a discipline hearing or proposal to revoke or suspend the registration of a dealer of salesperson).

Information about investigations, either ongoing or complete is never made public. However, if charges are laid, a discipline decision is issued or a proposal to revoke or suspended the license of a dealer or salesperson is issued, that information will be made public.

Regardless of the result of the action OMVIC may take, consumers may still have to take civil action to obtain a remedy.