Ensuring Salesperson Registration

Responsibility for ensuring all salespeople are properly registered with OMVIC should be delegated to a responsible individual by each dealer. The best choice is a person who meets the following criteria:

  • Has supervisory authority over the sales staff.
  • Involved in the hiring process or the individual appointed as administrator for OMVIC’s online renewal service.

This individual should complete the Automotive Certification Course to ensure they have a good understanding of OMVIC’s registration requirements.

This individual’s responsibilities should include:

  1. Verifying with OMVIC that all salespeople are properly registered. This can be done through the online services portal.
  2.  Ensuring all salespersons filed the Salesperson Change Application online when appropriate and completed the process (assuming the new hire is already registered with OMVIC).
  3. Ensuring a Salesperson Cancellation Notice is filed online whenever a salesperson leaves the dealer and also ensure OMVIC is made aware of any conduct issues which would affect the salesperson’s continued eligibility for registration.
  4. Signing all salesperson or be the hiring manager for registration applications or change notices on behalf of the dealer. OMVIC will direct correspondence about pending applications to the individual who signed on behalf of the dealer.
  5. Ensuring registration certificates are received and a copy is kept for the dealer’s records.
  6. Following up with OMVIC if a registration certificate is not received within a reasonable period of time.
  7. Recording and monitoring expiry dates of all salespeople to ensure renewal applications are received and submitted on time.
  8. Ensuring salespersons filed the online Individual Application form with OMVIC if they have never been registered or a previous registration has lapsed.
  9. Review all online PDF copy applications sent by the online portal as a hiring manager.