Selling Vehicles in Ontario

In order to sell vehicles in Ontario, you must be registered with OMVIC.

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Get registered

To sell vehicles in Ontario you must be registered with OMVIC. Registering is simple and we can support you through the process.

Commonly accessed information

What dealers and salespeople need to know

Business and operations

  • Keep a record of each vehicle bought and sold.
  • Operate from a viable place.
  • Follow responsible advertising practices.
  • Ensure salespeople are properly registered.

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Working with customers

  • Educate yourself about required disclosures, safety recalls and VIN lookup.
  • Protect personal information.
  • Verify customer IDs.
  • Adhere to the Consumer Protection Act.


Details that must appear in a contract should be clear and easy-to-understand for car buyers. Remember there must be a separate contract for each vehicle.

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Disputes and enforcement

A few things that you should know when facing a dispute or disciplinary measure:

  • Oral evidence can be used against you.
  • The buyer will be favoured in ambiguous situations.
  • Your registration can be denied, revoked or suspended.

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Mandatory requirements of your registration plus professional development options.

New applicants for registration must complete the OMVIC Automotive Certification Course which is offered through the Automotive Business School of Canada (ABSC) at Georgian College in Barrie.

Individuals who successfully pass the course and become registered with OMVIC as well as current registrants who successfully complete the MVDA Key Elements Course earn and are entitled to use the designation “C.A.L.E. – Certified in Automotive Law and Ethics.”

We send out dealer bulletins to draw attention to issues that are timely and important to the industry. These bulletins are meant to provide important information to educate dealers and salespeople and ensure compliance with the MVDA, Code of Ethics, Consumer Protection Act and other important legislation.