Discipline Tribunal

When appointed to the Discipline Tribunal, members are also appointed to the Appeals Tribunal. Discipline Tribunal members will preside over discipline hearings regarding complaints made under the Code of Ethics (CoE) and make decisions as to what sanctions, if any, are appropriate.

Position details

This is a part-time, as-needed, position that provides compensation on a per-day basis. Reasonable expenses are reimbursed. OMVIC will provide free training to enable you to successfully perform your role as a committee member.

OMVIC-registered committee members

Dealer and salesperson applicants must be currently registered with OMVIC as either a dealer and/or salesperson and must have been registered for at least two years. All applicants will be subject to a background check.

Public committee members

Members of the public that wish to become a member of the committee are asked to fill out all sections of the application that apply to their candidacy as consumer representatives.