Registering with OMVIC

Who is required to register

In Ontario, anyone working as a motor vehicle dealer or salesperson must be registered with OMVIC before conducting any kind of business. It's the law.

If you are employed by a dealer and will be involved in any trade on their behalf, you will need to be registered with OMVIC.

  • This includes roles such as General Managers, Sales Managers, Business and Finance Managers. If you are signing motor vehicles sales or lease agreements on behalf of a registered dealer or anyone who purchases vehicles on behalf of the dealership, you need to be registered.

If you are a business who trades in motor vehicles.

There are specific business types that do not have to register.

Learn about Exemptions

If you are registered as a salesperson outside of Ontario, you will not be automatically registered with OMVIC.

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Getting registered as a salesperson

There are a few things you'll have to do to register: Get a background check, complete an application form online, and pass the Automotive certification course.

Complete the Individual Salesperson Application form on our online services portal.

What you can expect

  • $335 processing fee
  • you will be asked to provide a clear copy of:
    • photo ID (passport or driver’s licence)
    • eligibility to work in Canada (Canadian birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card, permanent resident card, landed immigration papers)
  • applications must be completed online

Go to Application Portal

To assist applicants obtain a background check, OMVIC has partnered with BackCheck, Canada’s leading provider of online background checks. BackCheck results are sent directly to OMVIC within 24 hours.

As part of your application, you’ll need to request a background check with BackCheck. Note: OMVIC cannot accept background check reports more than six months old.

Open BackCheck to begin

Who cannot request a report from BackCheck

Those with adult convictions for which you have not received a pardon/record suspension and for which you do not recall specific details (offence, date of conviction, location of conviction, and penalty/disposition received), will need to go to your local police and request a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check. Fingerprinting may be required in order to obtain the details.

Send OMVIC the original report and the application you completed to get it. A Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check is different than a Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC) – PCRC is not accepted.

The Automotive Certification Course enhances industry professionalism and the accountability of dealers and salespersons. You must pass the course in order to to register as a dealer or salesperson.

You will have the option to complete the course either in a self-study online format or in a live webinar format.

Read more about the OMVIC Certification Course


Getting registered as a business

Registering a new business means making sure all employees who engage in motor vehicle trade are also registered.

Complete the Business Application Form in our online services portal.

What you can expect

  • $670 processing fee (terminology should be consistent with “fees” section)
  • Checklist requirements in the pre-start of the Business Application form
  • Individual applications required for all Officer/Director/Owner/Partners, Person in Charge, Signing Authorities and those who will trade on behalf of the proposed dealership
  • Applications must be completed online

Start the application

OMVIC requires every new motor vehicle business applicant to provide a detailed business plan with their application. The business plan will help to confirm that applicants seeking to register as a motor vehicle dealer will have reasonable knowledge, financial stability, and responsibility in the conduct of their business, as required by the MVDA.

For further information about what’s required in your business plan, please see the FAQs. You can also refer to this sample business plan.

If you have employees that require registration, they have to apply individually.

Existing salespersons transferring or adding their licence to the new dealership must file the Salesperson Change Notice Application in the online services portal.

Ensure all Individual Salesperson Applications and Salesperson Change Applications are filed online right after you file the online Business Application.

Submitting your application

All applications must be filed online through our online services portal. The only paper-based forms that we accept include:

Dealer notices (also available in the online services portal):

Other forms

Mailing address

65 Overlea Blvd
Suite 300
Toronto ON M4H 1P1

After applying

  • Retain a copy of the completed application and all attachments.
  • OMVIC must be notified within five business days of any changes to the information provided.

Check your application status

You can check your application status in your online portal.

Registration support

For any questions or concerns regarding registration, please reach out to our support team at [email protected] or 1-800-943-6002.