Governance and Leadership

We have been delegated responsibility for administering and enforcing the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA) and do so with a strong commitment to integrity and transparency. We act in the public interest and ensure a fair, safe and informed marketplace. As a regulator, we protect consumers and enhance registrant professionalism.


At OMVIC, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering outstanding service to all, including those with disabilities. To this end, we will provide comprehensive training to all OMVIC staff, equipping them with the skills to engage and communicate with individuals with various disabilities effectively. Learn more

Board of directors

Our board of directors holds the crucial role of overseeing governance, making significant decisions, and advocating for the best interests of all stakeholders. Learn more

OMVIC committees and councils

OMVIC has standing committees that assist the board of directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities, and advisory councils to provide guidance and advice to the board of directors on issues of importance to consumers and the industry. Learn more

Governance documents

Several governance documents provide OMVIC’s legal and governance framework, including by-laws, policies and Minister’s orders, that allows OMVIC to carry out its mandate. Learn more

Administrative agreements

OMVIC has been entrusted with managing and upholding the MVDA as an administrative entity supervised by the MPBSD. The administrative agreement establishes the working relationship between OMVIC and the MPBSD and sets out:

  • The matters the Minister considers necessary for proper oversight.
  • The framework for oversight.
  • The roles, duties and responsibilities of the Minister and OMVIC to administer the MVDA.

Compensation fund board of trustees

The board of trustees administers the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund. The Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund is a consumer protection program that provides restitution to qualifying individuals who have experienced verifiable financial losses or incurred out-of-pocket expenses when purchasing, leasing, or consignment of a vehicle.

The board of trustees overseeing the compensation fund convenes at least six times annually to assess and make determinations on claims filed against the fund, either approving or disapproving. Learn more

Compensation fund board of trustees meeting minutes

The minutes from the compensation fund’s board of trustees’ meetings are accessible to the public. It’s important to note that, in these public records, any mentions of legal guidance given to the board have been removed. Learn more


OMVIC consists of an accomplished executive team and a dynamic group of directors spread throughout the organization. This leadership team is responsible for formulating strategic initiatives, which encompasses the modernization of OMVIC’s regulatory framework, and overseeing the organization’s daily operations. Learn more