Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT)

The MVDA requires any business or individual in the business of selling vehicles, to be registered with OMVIC. They are also required to conduct business with honesty and integrity, as well as in accordance with the law. The MVDA requires that we make information related to a dealer or salesperson’s licence available to the public.

To become registered with us, we are required to screen each applicant to ensure they meet the minimum requirements set out in the MVDA. If our registrar believes an applicant does not meet the requirements they may issue a proposal to refuse registration. Also, if the registrar believes a current dealer or salesperson is no longer entitled to registration the registrar may issue a proposal to suspend or revoke registration. An applicant, dealer or salesperson may appeal a registrar’s proposal to the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT).

Appeals to LAT

When they receive an appeal, the tribunal may hold a hearing, consider evidence and testimony, and issue a written decision. The tribunal may either direct the registrar to carry out or set aside the proposal. Decisions are normally issued one to two months after the hearing. Like the courts, the tribunal is completely independent of OMVIC. If the person who receives a proposal does not appeal, the proposal is carried out.

LAT decisions are required to be made public. Search our database to find LAT decisions related to the registration of dealers and salespersons.

Approach to enforcement

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