Our investigators are appointed under the MVDA and the Provincial Offences Act. They are empowered to conduct investigations and lay charges under several relevant legislations including the MVDA and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

Investigations usually start after we receive information from various sources, including:

Investigations may result in:

  • Prosecution
  • Issuance of a Proposal to Revoke Registration of a dealers or salesperson
  • Referral to our Discipline Tribunal if a dealer or salesperson fails to meet their legal and ethical obligations (for example, breaches the Code of Ethics).

Investigation categories

Curbsiders are unlicensed dealers. They are in the business of selling vehicles, but often pose as private sellers. Review our list of curbsider convictions.

This typically involves allegations of non-compliant advertising, failure to disclose required information, falsification of records or unfair business practices (for example, false, misleading, deceptive or unconscionable representations). To determine if a dealer or salesperson has been charged or convicted of an offence under the MVDA or other consumer protection legislation (for example, the CPA), use our dealer search.