RCMP seeks Ontario dealers’ help with fraud investigation

Published On
September 3, 2020

The Alberta Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is seeking help from Ontario dealers with an investigation involving luxury vehicles allegedly obtained through fraud in Canada and shipped to Vietnam for resale.

In June, RCMP arrested Duy (Ken) Hung Nguyen, 38, who faces several charges including fraud over $5,000, forgery, money laundering, trafficking in the proceeds of crime, and uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm.

Nguyen allegedly used several unsuspecting victims or ‘straw buyers’ to fraudulently buy 43 luxury vehicles in Canada for export to Vietnam. He directed the funds he received from the resale of the vehicles to himself, and not the straw buyers.

Financial institutions lost over $2.6 million through the scheme and straw buyers had their credit ratings ruined when they defaulted on loans, police said.

The approximate value of the 43 vehicles sold in Vietnam was $10 million.

Contact the RCMP

RCMP believe Nguyen may have conducted fraud in several provinces – including Ontario using aliases: Ken, Mike, Hung, Tomy and Ryan.

Police urge Ontario dealers to check their systems to see if they sold any vehicles to Nguyen. He may have used the e-mails: [email protected], [email protected] or the telephone number 647-567-1368 during the transaction.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the RCMP.


For more information, or to help with the investigation, contact RCMP officer Phillip Pinon at [email protected] or call 780-412-5516.

Dealers can also contact Edmonton Federal Serious and Organized Crime (FSOC) at 780-412-5530 or [email protected].