Province not moving forward with redesigned licence plates

Published On
May 8, 2020

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has asked OMVIC to share the following message with dealers.

As dealers may be aware, in February, the government commenced the process of designing and manufacturing a new licence plate. However, after thorough testing by law enforcement and other key stakeholders, MTO is following their advice and will not be moving forward with the new plate for passenger vehicle use.

Under very specific lighting conditions, stakeholders identified visibility issues due to glare. As a result, further work is needed. As such, the Premier has decided that the redesign of the new licence plate will no longer proceed.

Going forward, MTO we will be using the “Yours to Discover” white embossed licence plate. The delamination issue with this plate has been resolved by the manufacturers with a five-year guarantee on the product.

In the interim, MTO will be exhausting all remaining passenger plates in stock, including the existing supply of “A Place to Grow” flat blue licence plates.

Both designs of Ontario licence plates – white embossed “Yours to Discover” and flat blue “A Place to Grow” – are valid and permitted to be displayed on motor vehicles to which they are issued.

Dealers with questions can contact the MTO’s Elizabeth Marles at (416) 253-3433, or [email protected].