OMVIC Launches Updated Business Application

Published On
November 30, 2022

OMVIC has released an updated business application for used motor vehicle dealers. The updated application will outline the current expectations and requirements for all first-time applicants, existing dealerships opening a new legal entity, changes to legal entities, and reapplications.

OMVIC consulted with registrants and industry associations to assess what guidance dealers needed to help them understand the rules and expectations related to used motor vehicle dealerships. The updated application reflects the input received and is intended to support the industry in meeting current compliance obligations.

The updated application includes all additional forms and an application checklist. Applicants will no longer be required to complete a separate business plan or record of storage address form.

Sample business plans and a frequently asked questions document will appear within the updated application to assist dealers in composing their own business plans. Click here to access the updated application package.

Note: This information was created to assist dealers/salespeople and is not a legal document. Registrants are encouraged to obtain independent legal advice.


OMVIC’s registration team is available to assist dealers in achieving and maintaining compliance with the MVDA. Please contact the registration team at [email protected] or 1-800-943-6002 if you have any questions or concerns related to compliance with the MVDA.