Niagara police nab duo who tried to buy cars with fake ID

Published On
July 29, 2021

A pair of young adultswere arrested in early July aftertrying to buy cars with a fake driver’s licence at two Niagara-area dealerships.

Niagara Regional Police nabbed the two over the weekend of July 10, 2021, after staff at a Welland dealership recognized them from a previous police-issued alert to dealerships. Thepair had filled in a car-buying application using the bogus ID.

The dealership called police and told them the sale would not go through. However, they showed up anyway to try and pick up the car.Police were waiting at the showroom and arrested both when they arrived.The two had targeted another dealership in Niagara Falls with the same scheme.

Anyone with information that can assist with this investigation is asked to contact theNiagara Regional Police Service.Dealerships are encouraged to contact their local police departments whenever they suspect there may be fraud.

OMVIC, the Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario’s Serious Fraud Office have developed a special webinar forRegistrants interested in learning more about fraud prevention.Dealerships will be contacted by email and invited to register once a webinar session becomes available in their area.

For more information, please contact [email protected].