Motor Vehicle Dealers across Northern Ontario required to operate by appointment only for another 14 days

Published On
January 8, 2021

Yesterday, the Province of Ontario announced it will extend the shutdown in Northern Ontario for another 14 days, aligning with the current shutdown in Southern Ontario. Motor Vehicle Dealers must operate their showrooms by appointment only.

Ontario’s COVID-19 response framework will be paused while the lockdowns are in effect.

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) pledges to continue working closely with the motor vehicle dealers and its stakeholders as they face health, social, and economic challenges.

OMVIC will continue to support the Provincial Government – and all levels of government – as they prioritize Ontarians’ health and safety.

What does this mean for registrants?

Motor Vehicle Dealers across Ontario must continue operating their showrooms by appointment only. Registrants should always follow public health measures set out by the Provincial Government.

The Province will continue allowing test drives, but under the following conditions:

  • The test drive is no longer than 10 minutes
  • A maximum of two people, including up to one salesperson may be present in the test drive
  • All windows must be open at all times if two people not from the same household are present during the test drive.

During these extended lockdowns, OMVIC will continue to operate remotely and work closely with its stakeholders. Registrants can access the full announcement from the Provincial Government here.

Where can our business go for more information?

Complying with public health measures is important to keep staff and consumers safe. If you have questions about whether your business is affected by these changes, you can contact your local public health unit.

If you have questions about whether your business is following public health guidelines, contact OMVIC’s Business Standards team. Both OMVIC and Workplace Safety and Prevention Services have helpful guides to ensure vehicle sales are conducted safely.

While OMVIC staff continue remote work, they are available to assist registrants. The Government of Ontario set aside $600 million for businesses impacted by the new lockdown. Federal supports are available online.

If you want to learn more about how the Provincial Government is responding to the pandemic, visit their online portal.