Durham Regional Police Arrest Suspect with Fraudulent ID’s

Published On
February 1, 2022

On January 22, 2022, Durham Regional Police arrested a suspect who had numerous fraudulent Ontario driver’s licenses and birth certificates (a list of all aliases can be found below). It has been confirmed that one of the licenses seized during the arrest was used to open a fraudulent account at a bank.

As a reminder, dealerships are encouraged to contact their local police departments whenever they suspect fraud.

To support registrants interested in learning more about fraud protection, stay tuned for the following:

  • OMVIC and the Ontario Provincial Police will be delivering a presentation for Fraud Protection Month. Information on how to sign up will be available in March.
  • OMVIC, the Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario’s Serious Fraud Office will be hosting a webinar to provide guidance on how to protect your business. Dealerships will be contacted by email and invited to register once a webinar session becomes available in your area.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

List of alias names used for fraudulent Ontario driver’s licenses:

Han Zhou Wu Hai Cai Su Xiao Gengxin Xiang Meng
Cheng Wei Tan Zhi Xu Yan Kang Yi Hai
Xun Li Zhan Ming Ren Xinyue Wei Ruogang