Digital Dealership Registration Initiative Upgrade

Published On
February 27, 2023

What is Digital Dealership Registration?

The Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (MPBSD) in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, has developed a tool to deliver simpler, faster, and better services to dealerships in Ontario.

In March 2022, MPBSD launched the Digital Dealership Registration (DDR) initiative minimum viable product (MVP) witha limited number of dealerships. The MVP enabled participating dealerships to complete new passenger vehicle registrations online, using new licence plates (including green plates), and issue vehicle permits from stock held on-site at their dealerships.

What is the upgrade?

On February 26, 2023, MPBSD launched an upgrade to the DDR program that expands the service for new vehicle dealerships. The update includes:

  1. New vehicle registration with pre-owned passenger plates
    • New vehicles can now be registered using plates already owned by individual registrants. DDR will register the vehicle with unattached plates or the plates from the trade-in vehicle, checking that the plate is eligible for the transaction.
  2. Transfer of trade-in vehicles from the customer to the dealership
    • Trade-in transfer features enable dealerships to check eligibility and see information about trade-in vehicles as part of the new vehicle registration process. Vehicle information is also saved so that the trade-in can be completed when the vehicle is handed over to the dealership.

Click here to read the full update from MPBSD which is available on OMVIC’s website. If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].