Digital Dealership Registration initiative update

Published On
June 26, 2023

This message is sent on behalf of the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (MPBSD).

We are pleased to provide an update on the status of the Digital Dealership Registration (DDR) initiative led by the MPBSD, in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Our government is committed to adopting digital practices and technologies to deliver simpler, faster, better services to the people and businesses of Ontario. As you know, DDR enables vehicle dealers to complete vehicle registrations online and aims to reduce the need for dealers to visit ServiceOntario centres, improving margins and reducing time spent by Ontarians and Ontario businesses on vehicle related administration. On June 25, 2023, MPBSD launched an upgrade to the DDR program that expands the service for dealerships. The release includes the following expanded functionality:

  • Used passenger vehicle transfers from dealers to individuals.
  • Vehicle registration digital document upload to the DDR application.

What’s Next?

This release is a significant milestone and an important step towards expanding functionality within DDR. To ensure a seamless and successful integration of new participants, MPBSD will continue to gradually onboard dealerships to DDR using the current criteria.

The MPBSD looks forward to the ongoing work to bring DDR to all dealerships. As immediate next steps, the MPBSD will continue onboarding the expanded DDR program to new vehicle dealerships, and then to used vehicle dealerships in January 2024.

Click here to read the full update from MPBSD which is available on OMVIC’s website.

If you have any questions or concerns about the initiative, please contact MPBSD at [email protected].