Consumer Advisory: Consumers should be aware of purchasing vehicles from the BBA Auto Group

Published On
April 22, 2024

Toronto, ON, April 19, 2024 – BBA Auto Group’s dealer licence was revoked on January 12, 2024. BBA Auto Group has continued to sell motor vehicles to consumers in Ontario despite it being illegal to do so. This poses a serious threat and risk of harm to the province’s car buyers.   

Car buyers are reminded that purchasing a vehicle from BBA Auto Group or other unregistered dealers leaves them vulnerable to financial loss as they are not protected under legislation including the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and Consumer Protection Act.  

It’s crucial for buyers to be diligent when dealing with dealerships, checking their legitimacy using OMVIC’s dealer and salesperson search database. OMVIC’s database provides accurate information on all registered dealers and salespersons. Dealers or salespersons not listed in the database are unlicensed and are deemed to be operating illegally.   

Furthermore, OMVIC stresses the importance of transparency and accountability from dealerships in maintaining consumer protection standards. Dealers are encouraged to practice transparency by featuring their principals, salespeople, and team members on their websites. This not only fosters consumer trust but also contributes to enhancing the reputation of dealerships and the automotive industry as a whole. 

Car buyers are advised to stay vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their rights. By being informed and following best practices, consumers can make informed decisions and contribute to a fair and reputable automotive sales industry. OMVIC is committed to supporting car buyers on their vehicle-purchasing journey through ensuring a transparent and ethical automotive sales industry in Ontario.  

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OMVIC (Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council) is a government delegated authority administering and enforcing laws that motor vehicle dealers and salespeople must follow. We protect the public interest by protecting and raising awareness of consumer rights and enhancing industry professionalism for registered motor vehicle dealers and salespeople. 

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