Barrie Mystery Shop Results in Administrative Action

Published On
September 18, 2020

As OMVIC continues field work to promote a fair and informed marketplace, the Investigations and Enforcement Teammystery shopped 12 Barrie-area dealershipsinAugust. Six of the 12 dealers attempted to charge fees in excess of their advertised prices.

Three of the dealerships were found to have inflated the actual cost of licensing. These dealers, with three others, will face administrative action for breaching the MVDA’s all-in price advertising regulations.

All-in Price Advertising Reminder

A dealer’s advertised price must include all fees the dealer intends to collect. HST and licensing do not have to be included in the price if the advertisement clearly and prominently indicates they are not included. Important Note: licensing refers to the ACTUAL cost of vehicle registration and plates – it cannot include extra fees added by the dealer.

Mystery Shopping Will Continue….

OMVIC’s Investigation and Enforcement Team will be conducting additional mystery shopping initiatives later this month to monitor all-in price advertising in Western Ontario.

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